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Turkey Rhubarb Formula

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Pro Herb’s turkey rhubarb formula provides an all-natural herbal colon cleanse that gives you relief without harmful additives or chemicals.  Using natural herbs including turkey rhubarb, the supplement relieves constipation and bowel discomfort through a single pill.  You can feel like yourself again without having to worry about sudden urges or other side effects.


Infused with turkey rhubarb, aloe, barberry root, slippery elm and other herbs and seeds, Pro Herb’s formula uses natural elements that have relieved constipation naturally for centuries.  When stress, diet, lack of sleep, some medications and other factors cause constipation and irregularity, the turkey rhubarb formula provides an herbal colon cleanse to restore regularity and bring your relief.  The turkey rhubarb herbal supplement eliminates blockages and makes it easier to go without sudden urgency or other digestive issues. 


Learn more about the turkey rhubarb formula and see why customers rely on the herbal cleanse to stay regular.  Order yours online today or contact Pro Herb with any questions.'s not a party topic, but...

...find out how thousands of people have found relief with our all natural Turkey Rhubarb Formula.

See what others are saying about the Turkey Rhubarb Formula...

"For as long as I can remember I had a lot of trouble with blockage and trouble going as often as necessary.  Now that I have found your product, Turkey Rhubarb Formula, I feel lighter and healthier all the time..."


- Joyce, Utah

"Most of my life I have suffered with a problem of elimination.  I was diagnosed as being chronically constipated and none of the remedies prescribed worked until I found Turkey Rhubarb Formula.  I have been using this product for over 20 years and highly recommend it."


 - Betty, Ohio

"I love the Turkey Rhubarb Formula.  I recently returned from several days of backpacking.  The food and conditions caused difficulty for bowel movement.  As soon as I returned home I was running for Turkey Rhubarb Formula."


- Erik, Utah

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