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The Pro Herb turkey rhubarb colon cleanse uses natural herbs to gently and effectively eliminate discomfort in the bowels.  There are many different causes of constipation and discomfort, and finding an effective solution can be difficult.  Some medications may interfere with other medicines you are taking, but Pro Herb’s natural supplement provides relief without other side-effects.


Constipation and bowel discomfort can be caused by changes in diet, stressful situations, loss of sleep or certain medications.  This can disrupt your entire day and make it difficult to focus.  While laxatives and other medicines can cause urgency and other problems, the herbal colon cleanse eliminates blockages without creating more discomfort.  The turkey rhubarb formula can be used at your discretion, depending on how symptoms recur or arise.


Pro Herb is happy to answer any questions you may have about the turkey rhubarb formula.  If you have questions about an order, ingredients, how this supplement may react to your diet or medication, how it works or other questions, call or send a message.  A helpful team member will answer your questions directly and help you place an order.

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At The Pro Herb, we make it our mission to help you “go.” Our company has been in the family for generations and our knowledge, great formula, and excellent customer service has helped thousands. We would love to answer any questions or hear any feedback you have for us. Contact us by phone, email, write us a letter, or leave us a message here!


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