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For those seeking a natural colon cleanse and a way to relieve constipation without inviting other side-effects, the Pro Herb turkey rhubarb herbal supplement is your solution.  The colon cleanse supplement uses a combination of natural herbs to eliminate blockages and promote regularity through a single pill.  The formula is gentle on the body and will not interfere with other medications.


Turkey Rhubarb is a self-regulated formula and dosages will be different for each person.  Pro Herb recommends starting dosages at one to two capsules one to two times per day, and may be raised or lowered depending on need.  For those who suffer from more persistent or long-lasting constipation, a higher dosage may be preferred, while those with intermittent constipation may require a lower dose.  The turkey rhubarb formula is designed to eliminate fecal matter build-up and, though it is not intended for weight loss, elimination may help to reduce body weight.  There are no fillers and the herbal recipe is made from turkey rhubarb, cascara sagrada, senna pods, psyllium seeds, turkey rhubarb, aloes, barberry root, and slippery elm.


Try the turkey rhubarb formula with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  Order a small dose for mild constipation or a larger amount for reoccurring symptoms.


How many capsules should I be taking?

Turkey Rhubarb is a self-regulated formula; this means that the dosage may be different for different people. Our recommended starting dos for adults is 1-2 capsules, 1-2 times per day. When you first start taking Turkey Rhubarb Formula, it may require a little bit more to get the bowels moving. Once you are regular, you should be able to step down the dosage. If you experience diarrhea, you're taking too much; just reduce the dosage. You will quickly get the feel of how many capsules you should be taking.

Why is this a self-regulated product?

Everyone's bodies are different; everyone has different levels of constipation, varying amounts of fecal matter build up, and have been constipated for different lengths of time. Because of the huge variance in our customers, the only person who knows how much you should take is you.

What makes our Turkey Rhubarb Formula different?

Our Turkey Rhubarb Formula has been passed down in the family for generations and has helped thousands of people. It has seven specifically chosen herbs that are historically known to work together for maximum effectiveness. What are these herbs? Cascara sagrada, senna pods, psyllium seeds, turkey rhubarb, aloes, barberry root, and slippery elm. 

Will this help me lose weight?

The Turkey Rhubarb Formula is designed to eliminate fecal matter build up in the body.  When said fecal matter is eliminated it can reduce body weight.  Several clients have experienced weight loss with Turkey Rhubarb Formula, however it is not specifically designed for this purpose.

Are there any fillers in this product?

No, there are no fillers in this product. This is a completely herbal formula. We see no reason to add any fillers to this product. 

Is this habit forming?

Yes, cascara sagrada and senna can be habit-forming herbs. That is why we suggest you skip taking the formula for a day or so every week. Many of our customers have chronic constipation or take medications that causes severe constipation, these customers often choose to take Turkey Rhubarb all of the time; that choice is up to you. 


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