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Turkey rhubarb has been grown all around the world for its herbal and medicinal benefits. As it has been used in nearly every region of the world at some time or another, it is known by many names – Turkish rhubarb, Chinese rhubarb, Indian rhubarb, Russian rhubarb and many others. The tall, hardy, flowering rhubarb variety appears and grows the same in every region, each plant providing the same amazing health benefits.


The history of turkey rhubarb dates back as far as 3200 B.C. It was known even then for its cleansing abilities and was used to cure constipation and fevers. Turkey rhubarb quickly became popular in the ancient world and became a popular trade item throughout the life of the Silk Road traversing Europe and Asia. Turkey rhubarb was a mainstay medicinal plant for powerful empires of China and was a key economic trade item in Imperial Russia. It is still used today as a natural means of alleviating constipation and other ailments.


Cleanse your body and feel comfortable again without using medications or suffering other side-effects. Order your turkey rhubarb formula today from ProHerb to try this ancient herb for yourself.

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