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4 Bottles of Turkey Rhubarb Formula by The Pro Herb

Turkey Rhubarb Formula 4 Pack

This is our 4 pack of Turkey Rhubarb Formula.  Bundle up and save with Free Shipping!!!
  • Details

    Turkey Rhubarb Formula is a product that has been around for about 20 years, helping people get the waste and toxins out of their body.
    Proprietary blend:
    Cascara Sagrada, Senna Pods, Psyllium Seed, Turkey Rhubarb, Aloes, Barberry Root, Slippery Elm

    How to take Turkey Rhubarb:
    Turkey Rhubarb works on everyone differently. This means you need to decide how many to take. The majority of our clients take one at night, and then increase it one per night until they get the bowel movements they are desiring. Or you can take in the morning or both morning and night. You decide. Any time you experience diarrhea, cut back on the dosage. Most people will take an average of 1-3 per day. You decide whats works best for you. We don't suggest taking more than 8 capsules a day. Make sure you drink a glass of water each time you take a dose. Dehydration is a big part of constipation.

    If you suffer from reoccurring constipation or blockages, Pro Herb’s turkey rhubarb formula can give you relief without addition side-effects or additives. The all-natural formula uses a combination of seven herbs to relax the bowels and eliminate blockages causing discomfort. Use the supplement according to your needs, whether you suffer from intermittent constipation or chronic discomfort. With one to two pills taken once or twice daily, you will feel gentle relief without sudden urgency or further digestive discomfort.

    Order a four-pack of the turkey rhubarb supplement to use at any time and keep in stock. Order online and have your supplement delivered to your door.
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