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Created with Your Health in Mind

Pro Herb is a family owned and run company that was founded by our mother, Brook, who has been in the herbal business for over 20 years. She has completed classes, passed tests, and gained much insight into the herbal field as she pursued becoming a Master Herbalist. With the knowledge she obtained, coupled with a formula that has been in the family for generations, she has helped countless people find the relief they were seeking. After running the business for over 20 years, her focused turned to family and playing with her grandchildren and she turned the company over to us: Eston, Mariah, and Mariah’s husband, Brad. We have continued in her same tradition and mission of putting our customers first. We accomplish this by putting your health in mind while we work, serving you the best we can, answering any questions you might have, and helping you “go.” We understand that many medications, especially pain medications, can cause discomfort in elimination and that constipation can cause health issues. Our formula, Turkey Rubarb, has herbs traditionally used to help people with these problems. Our excellent formula combined with generations of knowledge, allows us to easily guarantee that our product will work, or your money back.

Eston Mercer

Eston Mercer


Being raised in a military family, Eston had the opportunity to live in several different locations with his family. He was born in Florida and spent his childhood in Japan. While in Japan, he began his short-lived career as a model; they loved his bright red hair! His family moved back “home” to Utah while he was in Jr. High and after discovering his red hair didn’t have as much as an effect in the states as it did in Asia, he left his modeling career behind. After graduating from Bountiful High School, Eston served a 2-year church mission in Brazil where he grew to love its people, culture, and the Portuguese language.  Outside of his work at Pro Herb, Eston loves woodworking and can build anything from a bookshelf to an indestructible chicken coop (where the family chickens lovingly live) and beyond.

Mariah Bishop


Mariah has always been her mom’s right hand girl and began working for the company, while it was under her mom’s ownership, at age 16. She graduated from Westminster College with a double major in Psychology and Art; she’s quite eclectic. Mariah and Brad have been married since August 2010 and have 5 “children:” Zombie and Apocalypse, their 2 dogs, and Katana, Molotov, and Patient Zero, their 3 cats (and although her mother loves them, these are not the “grandchildren” she loves spending her time with). Outside of her work at Pro Herb, Mariah loves to be active and some of her favorites things to do are yoga, acro yoga, contortion, and teaching Pilates; if you ever happen to see her in person, she will probably be donned in athletic clothing. 

Brad Bishop

Brad Bishop


Brad was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah where he loves being outside in the beautiful mountains. Brad joined the Army National Guard at age 17 and was an explosive technician for 5 years. He loves playing sports of all kinds including basketball, volleyball, football, and Frisbee. His second loves in life are cats, so if you thought all the “children” were his wife, Mariah’s, you would be wrong. If she would let him, the entire house would be packed with cats; his idea of a perfect day would be cuddling with the cats while watching the Oregon Ducks. Brad also loves to travel anywhere and everywhere; whether it’s a quick weekend trip to southern Utah or a trip overseas, he loves it all.


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